Catch ’em while they are young

28 09 2011

A little reflection which may explain also why posts on this blog have been fewer and further between…

A friend gave me a copy of Bob Buford’s “Halftime” which I have been enjoying immensely. “Halftime” is about making the mid life  transition from mere success to a focus on doing what has signficance.

The only thing is, I would kind of like to put Bob out of business. I absolutely agree that “first half life” has to make room for the financial obligations of marriage and raising a family and all that goes with that; it is just that I would like the rising generation to have a clear view of how to live a life of significance from when they first set out. And I do believe it can be done.

(And just to be clear – I am not taking anything away from Halftime; just using it to make a point; I am all for people finding a way into greater significance at any age)

hoozyu ( is a programme we have set up to bring Birkman power to the 14-25 age group, in an appropriate package and at an affordable price point. Our ambition is to roll it out to young people across the globe; our first big push is into Asia, but we are ready to support people who want to work with this anywhere.

Have a look at the site (and the blog,; wherever you are in life, if this sounds like a way you could be working towards significance while helping young people do likewise, get in touch!




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