After the Fiscal Cliff

24 12 2012

We all still wait with bated breath to see just how long Washington insiders will continue their puerile sandpit squabble; but the truth is that these are issues outside our control. Better to enter 2013 determined to something about the issues within our control. How about a commitment to get smarter – genuinely smarter – in 2013?
Two ways to do this of course. One is to understand ourselves better and leverage who we were made to be instead of trying to be a second rate copy of someone else. That makes us a lot smarter.
The other is to understand our corporate mission clearly and then focus on finding the people who really fit – in their bones – that mission. This is what I am speaking about on 16 Jan ( Not a new idea at all, but as long as business schools keep teaching the primacy of strategy and decision making, telling the larger truth, that right people comes before right plans, will continue to be a very relevant idea for CEOs and other leaders.
Finding the people who make us all a lot smarter; now there’s a resolution for 2013.
Have a great Christmas and New Year, from all of us at Elaura.




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