Changing Work

23 12 2013

It doesn’t take genius level IQ to see that the shape of work is changing. I was just reading a couple of 10-point articles (speaking of change – gone are the days when a 3-point talk was enough to engage an audience?) by Dan Schwabel on Millenials and the way they are / will be changing the future of work ( and The encouraging thing for me was to see the extent to which the platform we have been building for the last 10 years exactly intersects this new set of concerns. The more challenging realisation was how little most major corporations (let alone SMEs) have paid more than lip service to these changes. Regardless of what gets said by senior leaders about transparency and passion and value, if your system is still driving people to obfuscate  and toe the line and do what the system requires, rather than what is right, you can forget attracting the best talent of the new generation; they will be out there building the business that buries yours, and having heaps of fun doing it .




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