Past the tipping point… at last

28 01 2014

You may have heard this old one: “It took me 20 years to become an overnight success.” Well, something special is happening in the Talent space… and it has been seven decades in the making.

Just about every day now we are getting at least one enquiry about training in the Birkman Method® (TBM), from places as diverse as Abu Dhabi, Bangalore, Suva and Manila. Now, since we are Birkman’s International Learning Partner for Asia Pacific, you may think that this is pretty unexceptional. The truth is that for many years, TBM was the best-kept secret in business. Boeing, WalMart and a host of other global MNCs were using TBM as their core Organisational Development and Talent Management, and yet outside of those circles, no one had heard of the tool. I used to say to people, you are either using it or you haven’t heard of it.

Something has changed. Suddenly Birkman has reached a tipping point, and it is fast becoming the hottest property in Talent. Not before time, for a tool that has been delivering value for nearly seventy years.

If you are in HR, OD or Talent Management and want to learn more, we are running a FREE event in Singapore on Feb 21 – admission by ticket, book here




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