Except you be like a child…

7 11 2014

I heard something that caused me to erupt in almost Steve Ballmer-like enthusiasm while I was in Houston. I was attending Senior Birkman Certification (for the second time – reckoned it was time for a lube service, ended up as usual with a re-bore instead), immediately before the biennial Birkman Conference.

“Originally,” said Lynn Greene, “Dr Birkman had two versions of the Questionnaire: an adult one and a children’s one. So he threw away the adult one.”

Woo-hoo! And that’s why this tool is so brilliant. (It is also why we can use so much of it in our programme for teens and young adults, hoozyu) It isn’t an IQ test, a child of 8 can understand and answer the questions; so in the end, you just answer the questions. And when you get the report, you discover you have been telling yourself things about yourself, you didn’t know you knew.