OS4Talent is about making talent management as rational as cash management. By looking at the flows of cash over time through your business you know what kind of a quarter you are having, and what scenarios you had better be prepared for. Managing the flows of talent through your business deserves the same level of attention. Every individual brings a unique combination of motivations, strengths and perspectives to the table; that is no reason to treat them as unknowable. OS4Talent provides objective data for end-to-end talent management in your organisation.

Jon Mason is a Director of Elaura Limited and works with medium and large organisations around the world to solve interesting problems. He developed a number of the core tools available through the OS4Talent programme.


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16 09 2013
Sylvia Koltzenburg

Hello Jon,

I loved your article on “An Operating System for Talent”. Although I worked with Birkman for many years and certified hundreds of consultants over the years, I am still chuckling over your sentence, “… Blues have great ideas that never happen, and Reds do brilliantly well that which should never have been done at all”! Very nicely put!

Sylvia Koltzenburg

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